White, the Queen of Interiors

Updated: Aug 26, 2020

Herman Melville dedicated an entire chapter to a color in the American classic novel Moby Dick, saying that in many natural objects, it “refiningly enhances beauty, as if imparting some special virtue of its own, as in marbles, japonicas, and pearls.” It has become one of the most famous chapters in all of American Literature.

The color is calming, pure, perpetually fascinating, and not really a color at all. Rather, it is the presence of light. It is every color in perfect balance. It is fair and unimposing with a fantastic sense of equality. Because of this, it pairs well with any other color. It fearlessly welcomes anything: an amber vase, a wooden statue, a saffron painting. Much in the same way that plants add life to a space, the color naturally brings light. A good friend, and a perfect accomplice. White.

Beyond the color’s societal associations with things like innocence, perfection, and light, there are also physical effects on the mind and body. In a room it creates a sense of space and freshness that helps you have clear thoughts and brings a refreshing sense of new beginnings. White can be romantic, or modern and bold. It can compliment an alternate star of the space or it can be the sole focus and body of a room.

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Our environments are absolutely paramount to our productivity. Not only do indoor plants have a health impact, but that have an emotional and mental impact as well. We're all spending much more time working from home, and society as a whole is at a new level of stress in 2020. Bring some green into your space to help balance that out.

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