What Your Space Says About You

I want to discuss something really important. Or rather, it's something that is important to me, and I'd like to shed some light on it. There's a lot of buzz around personal design styles. "What's your design style". And in many posts around this topic, what follows is...photos, questionnaires, and descriptions of 'Modern', 'Traditional', 'Coastal', 'Scandinavian', 'French Country', 'Transitional', etc.

Don't get me wrong...those are absolutely important differentiations to understand, and help you get an idea of what you are drawn to. But, the real question, or rather, the first question is...what do you want your spaces to say about you? Whether it's the message you send to yourself by being surrounded by a certain space/style/energy/culture, or what others see as a reflection of you. Because that is what your space is. A reflection of who you are, where you've been, and where you are going. That's some pretty powerful "decor".

Businesses work the same way. Take the hospitality industry for example. They do not simply pour millions of dollars into a hotel to make it "pretty". No. It's an all encompassing experience. They want you to feel a certain way while staying with them, but actually...they want you to feel a very specific way about....you. And the design is then created around that need. The brand decides who their ideal client is, who their ideal client WANTS TO BE & be seen as...and creates an environment that accomplishes that. Why? Because then you'll be back. You've been through their spaces and been validated. They have confirmed that you are that bad ass professional, or cultured or die hard environmentalist etc etc. They've made you feel how you want to feel just by walking the halls. Trust me, while the spa is nice and important...it's an amenity that wouldn't keep you as a client, without the message you received just by being a patron of that hotel.

Let's put this concept to a test. Below, are a few unbelievably perfect spaces, designed by some of my idols. I want you to look at each for just a moment, and answer these questions.

WHO...is the person that belongs here?

WHAT...kind of person are they?

And then...if you see my point...and you want to make my day...send me an email, or DM telling me. Not joking! Also...don't forget to like and share!

Good Interior Design is not about style and trend. It's about the person.

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