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Updated: Jul 13, 2020

It kind of blows me away that big brands, with their million dollar marketing budgets, oodles of target market researching....haven't figured this out yet. Or at least they haven't decided to run after it yet. What am I referring to? How interior design, the energy of your surroundings, boils down to EVERY detail. Including all personal products and cleaning products.

Don't get me wrong, some companies get it. Some products have their label design and product aesthetic so on point and for that we are grateful. However, I've found that the majority of the products that you can find, that will go so nicely in your bathroom, bedroom, business, office or living room, generally comes from newbie companies. While I absolutely love, and believe in supporting small businesses, at the end of the day, they aren't always as easy to get to, or they aren't the greatest quality. Either you have to order on a separate website, or you simply haven't heard of it. Or if you have, you don't know if you trust the product to be good enough, to spend on it. You'd rather go with what you already know works.

So wouldn't it be nice, if Degree had a deodorant that would look marvelous in your room? A lotion that fully moisturized, while also gave you that calm, sophisticated spa like feeling just by sitting there? A Kleenex box that was minimalist style and blended well in any room? Or a standard Colgate toothbrush that doesn't look like you got it from your dentist? It would be even more exciting if all these brands had eco friendly options that look great AND work.

So, I'm here to appeal to some big brands, to help us out. Because, I love my Degree deodorant- they work so well and smell great. I just hate hiding it away. I'm also going to share some products that will not just seamlessly work with whatever design you have in your spaces, but will elevate it. P.S. this hand sanitizer smells absolutely amazing. I probably use it more than I should! The reason I chose all of these products from Amazon, is for two reasons. One, I like to stay true, and honestly, 90% of my purchases are from there. I love that I can lean on reviews when I don't know how well something will work, and I love the ease of ordering. Not to mention how quickly things come, and the simplicity of returning if I am not fully satisfied! Check them out:

Home Products, dustpan, toothbrush, hand sanitizer, bamboo tissues
Home Products that blend seamlessly with your design

Raw Sugar Hand Sanitizer, Mini Dustpan, Supersmile Clear Toothbrush, Soft Bamboo Tissues.

It's the little things that tend to make or break it! Trust me.



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