Wallpaper = The Chameleon of Rooms

I can't really call it a trick, but it can feel like one. I'm sitting here in Starbucks, playing with wallpaper choices and having perhaps a bit too much fun? I tend to gravitate towards clean, simple, organic design with hidden details. But sometimes I like to pop something. Pop (for me, anyways) doesn't mean neon lights and colors. It means a push in one direction or another. So take a look at what I mean. The same room, four different ways. 1. Simple, for the minimalist in you. Suuuuuper calming and sophisticated.

2. Mediterranean infusions. All we changed is the wallpaper and now you have picked up and moved the whole culture vibe!

3. Modern, contemporary and just a bit trendier. This look is good when you want a bit more bang factor. To me it is slightly more "powerful" an energy, but not too much.

4. Old English. This one is just "sweet", softer, unassuming and totally calming. This look can be a bit too "snooze"for some people. While I absolutely LOVE it, I don't think it would do in my home.

Can you guess which is my favorite?? Check out the post on Insta to see which was posted first. Share your favorite pick in the comments below! xoxo, Shira

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