Twenty Twenty - The Year I Changed the Game

Twenty Twenty. As a kid, I remember thinking about this future epic year in the same way one would think about living on the moon. Yet, it's here! I personally have never been more excited to dive into a new year. For the past few, as I started in Interior Design, I focused primarily on building a reputation, honing my skills and learning how to run a business. Which B.T.W. is Gd awful, if you don't get the swing of things right! But, I loved it because I love the impact and possibility that design brings! I love how powerful interiors can be in ones actual life and existence.

Ever work from a Starbucks? Imagine for a second that Starbucks had the same products and same fantastic service. But, their space looked like a cafeteria from the 80's and not in the cool way. Your ENTIRE experience and personal energy would be different. That is why I love design.

So, now I plan to harness that incredible secret and throw it back at the world in a way that makes a huge, colorful, sparkly impact on those who need it the most. (Yes, I was imagining myself with Rainbow Brite powder and actually throwing it from the clouds as I sit on my white stallion friend with his rainbow mane. Or sticking my belly out and beaming my Care Bear power out. If you don't know what I'm referencing....go have a talk with your parents about why they neglected your childhood.)

That is what my Twenty Twenty is going to be all about. As explained in this's high time to make a difference for those in need. That isn't what I'm going to do "when I have time", that is what my time is now about. So if you're hiring Charles Interior for a project, know that you have become a direct partner in this Charles Interior Initiative and that makes you so awesome!

Most of all, I'm so grateful for the opportunity to use my tools to do this. And yes, I'll keep you all in the loop as projects progress and fun updates are about. Don't forget to follow on Insta!

May you find your fulfillment and passion this year too!



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