The "Art" Behind Multipurpose Art

The problem with having an affinity for that it doesn’t really end! Some of the art that excites me most, is art with a purpose or function. Art that you can incorporate into an action, a plan, a routine. The majority of people think of art as something on canvas, or a statue of sorts. Pieces that sit peacefully and add (hopefully) to the energy and excitement of the space. Often created or placed in a way to give pause and ponder life or some other topic.

But what about pieces that offer so much more than that? What about a piece of art that lightens up a room, literally. Or a piece that stores your items that bring you joy? Are those no less collectors items as well? I think doubly so. Now, it can be a bit trickier to “collect” this on a budget, but if you are determined, it is completely worth the extra time and effort.

I was inspired to write this piece, while searching for a dresser for a current bedroom project. The bedroom has a very calm, natural, bright pallet- with a somewhat ethnic infusion. Some of the art in the room includes one of my favorite “written document” pieces, found in the LA Melrose Flea market of course, childrens drawings, old record covers and a few other vintage pieces. But the room needs something substantial. Something to ground it and obviously be functional for storage purposes...but I felt the room still needed the soul and personality itself. Which is when I decided that I wasn’t looking for a dresser. I was looking for a solid piece of functional art.

On my journey, I fell in love over, and over, and over….and over :) Unfortunately, many of these didn’t work with this particular space but I still didn’t want to part with them! Placing them here, in this cyber world, sharing the beauty and magic with all of you, is just as good.

So here, a few of my favorites! When you journey into finding your art piece, of any form and function, just wait until you get in front of a piece that has your innards going on and having a straight temper tantrum at the thought of moving on in life without it. Once you feel that, you’ve met your art soul mate (we have many.).



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