Texture: The Glue that Pulls a Room Together

We throw out the word ‘texture’ all the time when working with interior design, but what does that mean and how does it play a really important role when creating a space?

Texture refers to the surface material of a product- now that can include pillowcases, blankets, rugs and other similar and standard items you’re likely to find in your home or place of work. However, there are quite a few other items that can be used as ‘that textured piece’ that might not pop into your mind at first. One example is a textured wall; you might see a vine covered wall indoors or a funky fluffy wall. Both of these would be very eye-catching design pieces. Another example might be a plant pot or a set of unique coasters, both of which would most likely be a more subtle texture inclusion but no less fun to pick out and work with!

Now that we understand what texture is, let’s talk about why texture is an important asset to use when putting together a room. Well, textured items add dimension to a room which is important. Without dimension and layering, a space will appear creatively and aesthetically flat- an outcome we, as designers, definitely do not want! More on that topic in another blog because there is much to say about it! Back to the topic at hand, having something with texture- or several things- provides a great visual for your eyes when walking into a room. Another great thing about textures, my favorite aspect of them as it happens, is that when implementing texture to any item, it often automatically gives the piece personality and uniqueness. As an example, a vase that has no particular texture might have to have a print or a vibrant color to help it stand out as an accent piece while a vase whose surface is covered in raised dots can easily stand out in an interesting way even if it is a nondescript color.

When creating a space, especially where minimalism is valued, textured pieces can be your best friend. Between the endless fabrics, finishes and materials, there are so many pieces you can find – have fun with it!

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