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Numerous factors contribute to a well designed space. Of the most important ones, is seamless functionality. If you haven’t experienced a beautiful space that had the most impractical frustrations, you have likely heard the gripes of some poor fella who has. It’s really simple, we want our spaces to provide the right energy, reflect our personality and lifestyle (or that of our staff and clients) but we want it to work well.

While this probably makes a lot of sense to you conceptually, you likely aren’t aware of how many minefields there actually are to navigate in the process. So, I am going to walk you through just a few ity bity examples. 

The Headaches

You walk on 12” beautifully stained floors, with a layout inspired by Versailles corridors. The furniture in the room is a perfect layering of fabrics and materials, carefully selected to remind you of home, and your year of travelling abroad. You opted for the most comfortable sofa you ever rested your little laurels into, and can sit proudly gazing at that central piece of artwork up on the mantel. All should be well...except every time you’re in that would be perfect seem to get this perpetually pounding headache. Why?

The lighting. Between the natural light, the antique lamps next to the sofa, the spotlights in the ceiling, and the lack of lighting on the artwork, your room isn’t radiating at the same frequency of light. You have dark pockets that shouldn’t be there, bright glares you try avoid and completely different color temperatures and tints across the room! But, most of us won't realize this on our own. Most of us don’t realize how quickly this impacts our physical (the headaches) and mental health (the stress). 

The Productivity Sucker

In a similar scenario, you have a perfectly designed office space. Space planning totally nailed, custom desks and partitions, and a trendy, upbeat environment. You even splurged on the better coffee machine for the team. Awesome. But, did you know that the shade/light temperature in your non adjustable light fixture, is going to cause you some trouble? 

The bright lights you chose, will actually induce stress, and a visual haze around the office. There has been an abundance of scientific research showing how light affects our serotonin levels across the day. The same research behind alarm clocks that slowly add light into the room, mimicking sunrise. A similar concept is now available for interior lighting in your spaces. Allowing a schedule of natural lighting that flows with the day, and can be adjusted to infuse the kind of energy, focus and even enthusiasm needed at the appropriate time in your space.

If you are having a hard time picturing how lighting can have that strong of an effect, pay attention the next time you are in a therapists or doctors office. Ever feel like the lighting is trying to lull you into a deep sleep? Retail stores have long tapped into this science, how to get their customers into the right energized state of mind, the one that has them more inclined to make a purchase. 

And that’s just lighting! There are so many more layers to take into consideration. All your systems running as one, with a team behind the curtains ready to roll up their sleeves for any maintenance required. Completely hidden (completely.) speakers so as not to disturb the flow of design but still give you killer surround sound for entertaining. Economy mode straight from your app, an easy tap to lower all shades, shut all lights and give our environment a breather when you leave the house. Phone systems and mics in your office that just work how you need them to and when you need them to. Zoom meetings running smoothly because you understood that it paid to design that conference room right the first time. 

These examples and many more, is why I now work exclusively with Cloud9 Smart and incorporate them into your design package from the get go. They are the perfect partner for all interior and exterior spaces. We do our part in creating your environments, they do their part in making your experience in those spaces, seamless. 

For more information on how Cloud9 Smart fills the tech gaps of potential frustrations, and optimizes your home or business for the best experiences all around, visit Cloud9 Smart.

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