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Updated: Aug 18, 2020

I remember the day my college roommate threw out our living room palm plant. It was about 85% dead because we had yet to master the art of watering plants, but still I was shocked at how much less I liked spending time in our apartment after it was gone. It's hard to pinpoint what it was about that piece of naturally occurring decor that had added so much to our living room. But it is now the year 2020 and as it turns out, I was not being overdramatic about the loss of our house plant. Many studies have now been conducted that reveal that house plants can impact our mental and even physical health!

They do a lot of unseen work. As we all learned in our high school botany units, plants absorb air toxins in the carbon dioxide that we breathe out while also creating more of the oxygen that we need. In other words, they balance us out, plants are our natural counterparts.

The aesthetic nature of plants also has a proven positive psychological effect. In homes and in the office, they reduce anxiety and improve mood, productivity, and concentration. One study showed that just by taking three minutes per day to look at and water their desk plant, employees experienced significant improvements in anxiety levels.

Simply put, plants make for beautiful and fascinating pieces of art, that also serve a higher purpose. Lucky.

Here are a few plant and planter options that make for a mind captivating and health enriching addition to any room or work space!

Palm Plant delivered to your door for only $17.99!!

Set of 2, gorgeous Bamboo Planters for $89.99 including delivery

Three Pack Aromatics for $19.99

Personal Favorite: Zync Cylinder Pots $16.99



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