How Early Events Influence Our Interior Style

I had a bit of writer's block for the past couple of weeks. Well, that and was completely immersed in current projects. So much so that every day I'd move "blog" from my to do the next day....for like, two weeks! But part of it was that I didn't know what direction I wanted to go in, so I knew it would take a bit longer than usual. Then it hit me.

I was meeting with a potential client. We'd been discussing that while many of the projects in my portfolio are more modern and minimal, I actually pers

onally gravitate toward a French/English cottage vibe for my own living space. He found that to be fascinating and asked me why I thought that was. I'd never really thought about it....So as I stood there pondering for a moment, it dawned on me that a huge part of who I am on multiple levels, all boils down to an orphan. More specifically, a book I read as a young girl. (If you're a parent, I highly recommend it for your kids.) Mandy. (Side note : I didn't even know until this minute that Julie Andrews wrote this book! #excited )

Mandy is a ten year old orphan with a strong innate desire for discovery and adventure - exactly how I was. She climbs over the wall of the property, wanders into the forest and stumbles upon an abandoned little cottage which she slowly, secretly makes her own. She spends every spare stolen minute dusting, pruning, and decorating her new little safe have. That is where it all began for me. Getting into the mind of this young girl is a huge part of what draws me to wanting to adopt a child one day, and to my connection with WWO that is all about helping orphans. It seems, it is also what may have started my understanding into the emotional impact one's spaces can have. How the smallest details can create a sense of safety and equilibrium in what could otherwise be a chaotic or complex existence. Lastly, it infused my own personal taste and definition of what "home" should feel like.

We all have 'defining moments' in our lives that shape our perspective, personalities and taste. When designing your spaces, your home specifically, please don't only go based off of trend, or resale value etc.. Find what touches you, find what gives you that warm hug feel, sense of relief and surge of excitement and make sure to infuse your space with it. Don't worry about the rules, the trends or the friends. You do you. It feels better, I promise.



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