Giving Back Globally Through Our Designs

Updated: Oct 14, 2020

Pre COVID-19, we had some big plans, some really great intentions. Didn't we all though? We had projects in the works to create spaces in partnership with organizations that help orphans and trauma victims as well as many other causes. We were partnering with vendors in the industry to provide what was needed for these projects, as well as promote for these organizations.

However, like everyone else, all parties involved needed to pause all non urgent activity and focus on simply staying above water. If I'm being honest, I was super super bummed. I loved the idea of being able to use what I do to really give back and make a difference across the globe. I was sad to see the effort and planning (even temporarily) go to waste. So, I/we pivoted too! The overall intention and goal was still there, it just needed to be redirected and adjust to this new crazy world. So, I'm incredibly excited to announce, that Charles Interior LLC is now a proud Corporate Partner with WWO!

WWO is a wonderful, dedicated organization comprised of selfless and inspired individuals who have dedicated so much of their time and focus, in the aid of orphans and trauma victims globally. They provide carefully designed early childhood programs for children and communities affected and in need. These programs are built to help children learn the skills to deal with trauma and develop in ways they would not have otherwise had the ability to do. WWO also provides financial assistance and since Covid-19 has been providing relief for families in areas such as Bulgaria, Ethiopia, Vietnam and more.

What do we do to help? In our first stage of this partnership, 10% of all projects go directly to fund WWO outreach, programs and support. This means, that when you work with us, you are supporting these children as well! There's nothing quite like creating spaces that cultivate health, peace and beauty, and simultaneously helping children in need.

We can all make a difference.

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