Dimension: The Series

Let’s talk about Dimension:

I am using a capital D as it is such an integral part of interior design. For most of us, the first thing that comes to my mind when we hear that word, is 3D movies. Remember when those first came into theaters? It was so exciting! The movie, I can't remember anymore what it was (maybe one of the Shrek films?), but I do remember my utter fascination as I watched the characters leap out of the screen towards me. It was incredible. While we don't generally use 3D technology with the special glasses included when creating the interior design of a space (perhaps one day!), we do rely heavily on Dimension to maximize the potential of a room- both spatially and aesthetically.

To note, I am not referring to the dimension measurements of a room when I refer to Dimension now. The actual dimensions of a room are usually the length, width, and height of a space- more cut and dry. The Dimension that I am referring to is when interior designers create depth to make a room look larger or brighter. Essentially by manipulating the Dimension or depth in a room we can change our perception of a space. This is particularly helpful in rooms that might be a bit smaller than we would like or have a difficult or unappealing layout.

There are several ways in which interior designers create, add or maximize Dimension in a space, so I decided to make a series of blog posts around those methods. I won’t detail them in this post, but I want to list them out so you know what is coming!

The greatest tools to utilize when maximizing a space are:

Layering - designers use this to either make a room look larger or to anchor a larger room that feels overwhelming or fall flat.

Textures - we already posted a blog about this, unfortunately before we decided to create the Dimension Series, but you can take a look at that post here!

Light - this is arguably one of the most important features in a room, can't wait to get into it! (I touched on this briefly in the Smart Design post here, but we’ll go further into it in the series.)

Color - colors trigger different subconscious emotions in the brain as well as manipulating depth perception. Recognizing and utilizing the power of color will help you create an amazing space.

Size- it matters!! In this post, we will get into how the size of furniture, lights, accessories and even patterns affect the Dimension in a room.

As we make our way through the Dimension Series, you will notice that the techniques heavily pull from and rely on the others so I will likely refer to previous or upcoming posts in the Series and you can use them as reference.

Stay tuned for the Layers edition next week!

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