Dimension Series: Light Edition

Updated: Sep 9, 2021

We are back with the second blog of our Dimension Series! This week we are jumping into what is arguably one of the most essential elements in any room: light.

Most will be able to feel this element immediately upon entering a room. Whether the light is from massive floor-to-ceiling windows or dimmed ambient lighting, the effects are monumental. As with ambient lighting used to create a more intimate and romantic setting, other sources of light, too, have the power to make huge impacts on the room. As this is the Dimension Series, we will focus on how lighting can manipulate the Dimension in a space.

(To read more on how lighting affects the overall energy of a space, including the impacts on your health, check out this post.)

As mentioned above, there are several ways to use and project light throughout a room to maximize the space. One of the most common tricks in the interior design book is the use of mirrors. A correctly placed mirror will reflect the light and manipulate the depth of the room, creating a seemingly larger space. When using mirrors to increase light in a room, we want to place the mirror adjacent or opposite to a window. This allows the natural light from the window to be reflected and scattered through the room, multiplying that ideal natural sunlight. This method is incredible because even on a gloomy day, the light is magnified to the greatest extent. When using this method, be very mindful that the mirror placed will not reflect a cluttered space. This will only stress your room.

Another important element that ties into this, which we will address in another chapter, is focal point. For example, if we were to design a dining room, having a light source directly over the table will ground the room and highlight the focal point. On that front, we want to consider how we use the light when doing that- if we use a chandelier, who’s light path tracks upward and outward, we highlight the height of the ceiling which gives the room a far larger feel. Care must be used when doing this. If the room has low ceilings, the wrong size and style chandelier will accentuate that giving the opposite effect. In the case of a lower ceiling, we might want to consider using a pendant or flush mount light which casts light downward and out, drawing more attention to the focal point and veiling the ceiling. This creates a different anchored depth.

There is yet another method to using light when working the room’s Dimensional potential. Recessed lighting can be used to create the illusion of more space. For one, recessed lighting takes away the issue of using space to create space. Whether you install a recessed light in the wall or ceiling, you now have more floor space to use. As LED lights become more common, we can use them in lieu of natural light when it is lacking. A creative way to do this is having a recessed artificial skylight. LED lights shine a similar color light to natural light and skylights are a great way to enlarge a room- mix the two together and you have now a great solution to a natural light deficiency!

As you can see, there are a wide variety of ways to use light as a major asset in a room and how to use it to manipulate the Dimension of a room! Below are some items from each example I gave that you can use in your own space!

Here is a beautiful distressed mirror that is sure to reflect massive amounts of light throughout a room!

Check out the lighting we used for this industrial vibe workspace. Here’s a similar one you can grab for yourself!

This is one of my favorite spaces we've designed. The natural light is unparalleled and the glass globe lights are perfect for adding its own light as well as allowing the light from the windows to flow through it beautifully. Though we have yet to find a piece quite like the custom chandelier in the room above, if you have windows that bring in a lot of light, try any of these three globe options.

Comment below which glass globe chandelier would fit best in your dinette!

Option 1 - Modern Option 2- Luxe Option 3- Minimal

Alternatively, if you went the pendant light route, take a look at this one!

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