Dimension Series: Layering

Welcome back to the Dimension series! I hope you're all as excited to delve into the series as I am. As the Dimension Series Intro stated, the first subtopic of Dimension we are going to go through is the process of layering. If you missed the Intro, I highly recommend reading it here to catch yourself up :).

Layering is not one of the known basic principles of interior design the way, say, rendering or lighting is. This makes the skill of layering somewhat of a secret weapon- the cherry on top one might say. You can use layering on a blank canvas of a room, if you're starting from scratch, or even if you are just looking to ‘revamp’ a room without starting from the beginning. When a designer faces a new room to design, they start to envision the different layers with which the room can be filled. On a general scale, this would be the base layer: flooring, paint, essential furniture. The next layer gets a little more detailed: lights, wall art, assisting furniture (i.e. chairs, side tables, mirrors). The last layer is the most detailed and would include things like throw pillows, rugs, or shelf accoutrements. Often, the layering aspect of interior design will be compared to layering a fashionable outfit.

Envision this: you wear a solid black shirt with a pair of cute jeans, kitten sandals and call it a day- definitely a cute get-up! But imagine what would happen to that outfit if you threw on a stack of bangles, a gold choker and a long pendant necklace, a trendy jacket and chunky earrings. Take a moment to visualize the difference. You've taken a seemingly one-dimensional outfit and given it a ton of dimension! This is what we want to do with a room.

When filling a room, we recommend working with one layer at a time, leaving the decorative layer for last. As you go through each level of layering and manipulate the pieces in each layer, your room will develop its Dimension.

You can layer with textures, colors, shapes and sizes- future chapters will expound on those ideas! The last layer, the detailed decor layer is the one I’d like to focus on today. I think you can have the most fun with this element. I would say that often, the pieces in this last stage are considered ‘unnecessary’ because many of them have no practical function- but don’t let this deter you! The minutia are just as important! This layer appeals to your immediate visual appetite as often the smaller pieces are the ones that pop out and grab your attention when you walk into a room- not always, but often.

Take a look at this console and see if you can pick out the different layers that tie the room together- feel free to drop your findings in the comment section below; we love to see our rooms through your eyes!

Check out these great decor layering options!

Consider layering these two rugs:

Use this beautiful coffee table book to anchor your living room - you can always stack books to add layering anchorage! (check out this book and this book as potential stacking books)

For a beautiful glass chess set, similar to the one in our photo above, follow this link!

Adding multi-sized planter pots like these is a great way to add layered dimension to a table or corner.

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