With projects across the United States, Charles Interior founder and principal Shira Charles creates spaces that reflect her focus on purpose, nature and environment, art, vibrant culture and energy. The core of her mixed aesthetic evolved from growing up internationally, in places such as Kenya, Middle East, and California. Years working in the corporate, retail and healthcare field, being an early childhood educator, and a mom with an intense love of nature, travel and the outdoors have also been key factors in understanding the multifaceted needs of her clients. 


Shira’s goal is to ensure that her clients' spaces bring them a sense of contentment, pride and relatability. Honoring a classic, multilayered, timeless and fully functional  design. Through an exploration of textures and pattern, history, culture, color and emotion, she curates environments that challenge boundaries and occasionally break rules.

She regularly collaborates with architectural and construction professionals in both new build and renovation projects across the country. Ranging from residential, commercial, healthcare, hospitality, retail, multifamily investment and exterior projects. Charles Interior is a hub of collaboration, cutting edge technology, and creativity. Founded 5 years ago, the primarily referral based business has grown rapidly, with a strong focus on drug and healthcare rehabilitation centers and residential projects.


Philanthropy is of the utmost importance for Shira and the Charles Interior family. Through the initiative they’ve developed, Charles Interior works to help select organizations that focus on orphans and young trauma victims internationally, as well as underprivileged youth globally. Ten percent of all profit is allocated toward funding these causes. Shira also works as an advocate helping spread awareness for the projects. 


“No child should ever feel unloved or uncared for. This is how I can help ensure that.”



                                            - Shira Charles






Shlomo, T - Multifamily

Shira from Charles Interior is more than just an interior designer. She has helped me immensely with construction management and project coordination. Unlike other designers she is willing to work within your scope, budget and vision and help make the project as successful as possible. Shira has phenomenal taste and is a pleasure to work with. Budgets are Budgets, Timelines are Timelines, what more can a client ask for!

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Carey, W - Residential

Working with Shira Charles and her team was a pleasure frombeginning to end, her vision and execution was flawless as she reimagined the home that surprised everyone. Woul highly recommend her.

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Aliza, S - Corporate

Working with Shira Charles and her team was a pleasure frombeginning to end, her vision and execution was flawless as she reimagined the home that surprised everyone. Woul highly recommend her.


Sharon, R - Healthcare

Shira Charles is amazingly talented! Really listens to what you want and need and then creates magic. She is incredibly resourceful and so professional-always committed to the best quality for the lowest cost! I love her style and ability to make dream into reality. We will hire her for every project I have!

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Michael, M - Healthcare

Few in the design arena do it consistently with the patience, professionalism and precision that Shira Charles and Charles Interior do. Shira designed rehab facilities for me in all four time zones and was a pleasure to work with throughout each and every project. Shira is a visionary and natural leader who quarterbacks her projects with the passion and diligence that ensures success every time. If you lead companies in the healthcare marketplace and have remodel or new facility design needs, Charles Interior is the right option for you.

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 Miranda, S -Residential

Delivered beyond my expectations...They are professional, courteous and knowledgeable. It’s beautifully decorated and my new favorite room in the house! I can’t wait to hire them for other projects.




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